The following games were developed by my team and I for the Finding Nemo game site. The site was a huge success and had tons of traffic. Most users stayed on the site for an average of 45 minutes typically playing these games. Our customer service department received a number of complaints regarding these games. The customers had purchased the actual product thinking that these flash games would be included. They were upset when they weren't. Some said that their children enjoyed these games more than the actual product. This was huge compliment.
Pearl's Puzzles
This puzzle game contains mulitple puzzles and a timer to track your progress. It was kept simple to match the abilities of the target audience. It's alot of fun give it a shot.

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Ask Crush
Originally titled "Ask Crush". Several months after receiving approval, Disney asked us to change the name of the game as the theatrical site had a game of the same name. Theatrical had seen our game had ripped us off. What do they say about imitation?

Nemo's Create-a-Scene
This game was designed and developed by my teammate Ricardo Fischer. I did do some actionscript work on the game that allows rotation and other goodies. I think the game is very cool and though you would enjoy it so it is included here.

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